Kevin McSherry – Potted Biography

Father, grandfather, singer, guitarist, storyteller, songwriter, fell runner

Born in London the oldest of six children, Kevin has, for the last forty years, lived and worked near the village of Clapham on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales, first as a teacher and youth worker and latterly with two of his sons making furniture. It is not as you imagine.

Rough Beats Festival: Inspired by his sons Mike and Dominic and together with his wife Margaret and his other sons Kieron, Brendan and Fionn, the family and their friends hosted and ran the popular and much acclaimed  music festival Rough Beats.

He attended secondary modern schools and later trained as a teacher in London and moved to theYorkshire Dales in the mid seventies.

Kevin sang as a child at home with his family and in various school choirs but his particular interest in music started when he made his first guitar at school during woodwork lessons and taught himself to play. In his mid teens he got together with friends to form a five piece vocal, guitar and banjo folk harmony band called The Travelling People. The band achieved absolutely no acclaim but played with great success in clubs and pubs and bars and parties, the music was good, the company excellent and the experience formative.

Since then Kevin has played in many bands and in many genres: blues, country, ceilidh, pop covers and always folk.